Ayedapt makes the house screen’s icons obey iOS’ dark mode settings

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One of my favorite features that shipped with iOS 13 was a native system-wide dark mode that’s both aesthetically pleasing and simple on the eyes at the hours of darkness. Unfortunately, Apple left the house screen’s app icons out of the image when making dark mode a reality for stock iOS devices.
Here to handle that issue head-on may be a newly released jailbreak tweak/theme hybrid called Ayedapt by Surenix – a renowned graphic designer within the jailbreak community.
Depicted within the screenshot examples above and below, Ayedapt transforms your Home screen’s app icons to higher align your handset’s dark mode settings:

While Ayedapt makes certain system app icons look an entire lot nicer with dark modes enabled, like the Calendar icon, the Photos icon, and therefore the Health icon among others, it’s worth noting that over 200 third-party app icons from the App Store also are supported, with a considerable number of these being Google’s notorious all-white app icons.

As we noted earlier, Ayedapt isn’t a jailbreak tweak or a subject, but rather a hybrid between the 2. you’ll be able to either manually designate between light or dark mode-friendly app icons within the SnowBoard theme manager, otherwise you can have iOS toggle between them automatically with iOS’ native dark mode settings located at Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Automatic. Either way, you’ll still have to enable Ayedapt via SnowBoard.

It’s also worth noting that Ayedapt works alongside the dark mode toggle on top of things Center, allowing you to regulate your Home screen’s appearance with just a faucet. The flawless synergy with iOS’ native dark mode is very jaw-dropping, to mention the smallest amount.

For those interested, a promotional demonstration video uploaded by Surenix himself will be found below:

Ayedapt YouTobe

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If you’re able to give your jailbroken iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 the refreshing aesthetic makeover it needs, then you’ll be able to purchase Ayedapt from the Dynastic Repo repository via your preferred package manager. Surenix is kicking things off with a $ 1.99-weekend launch sale, after which the value will rise to $2.49.

Will you be downloading Ayedapt? Tell us why or why not within the comments section below.

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