Customize iOS’ Home screen folders with Cartella

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If you’re trying to find some way to boost your iPhone or iPad’s native Home screen folder behavior, then there’s a reasonably good chance that a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Cartella by iOS developer burrit0z can be right up your alley.
Cartella was designed to let jailbreakers adjust the design and feel of their handset’s Home screen folders. Straight out of the box, it incorporates a plethora of various customization options, including:

– Custom folder rows
– Custom folder columns
– Hide folder icon blur
– Hide folder background
– Pinch the folders in vertically (custom height)
– Pinch them in sideways (side pinch factor)
– Full-Screen Folders (like Bolders)
– Hide the pages and dock in folders
– Hide the blur on the wallpaper in folders
– OLED folders (pure black background)
– Bold Titles (like Bolders)
– Choose the scale of the folder title (Hidden, Large, Regular)
– Align the title to the left, center, or right
– Close folders by options of tap to shut and pinch to shut (or both)
– Resize the Grid preview of the folder icon
– Hide all SpringBoard labels
– Hide all SpringBoard page dots
– Custom colors of folder icon background
– Custom color of folder view background
– Move page dots as you want
Upon installing Cartella, users will find an avid preference pane within the Settings app where they will configure the tweak to their liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • Designate whether you have got a notched handset or not
  • Hide the folder icon’s background blur effect
  • Hide the folder’s background altogether
  • Configure the folder’s grid effects
  • Configure the folder’s visual effects
  • Configure the folder’s color effects
  • And much more…

Digging deeper, users will find the subsequent options:

Grid Effects

  • Choose the amount of columns or rows you wish
  • Configure vertical and slide pinch factor
  • Configure custom title movement/offset

Visual Effects

  • Toggle full-screen folders on or off on demand
  • Hide page indicator and also the Dock in folders
  • Enable or disable OLED-friendly folders
  • Embolden the folder titles
  • Adjust the wallpaper blur strength in folders
  • Choose between large, hidden, or regular titles
  • Choose how you’ll close folders (pinch, tap, both, or none)
  • Enable and configure a custom corner radius for folders
  • Resize the folder icon on your Home screen
  • Hide all folder labels
  • Hide all folder page dots

Color Effects

  • Enable and configure a custom folder icon color
  • Enable and configure a custom folder background-color
  • Enable and configure a custom folder background blur color

The developer provides a Respring button at the top-right of the tweak’s preference pane that you simply can use to avoid wasting any changes you create to the settings.
If you’re able to take your Home screen organization to the subsequent level with augmented folder aesthetics and behavior, then you’ll download Cartella at no cost from the BigBoss repository via your preferred package manager. The tweak is open-source on the developer’s GitHub page and supports all jailbroken iOS 13 devices.
Will you be downloading Cartella? allow us to know why or why not within the comments section below.

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