AirPay is a redesigned Apple Pay interface for jailbreak iOS 13 devices

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What’s in AirPay for iOS 13 jailbreak device

If you utilize Apple Pay via your jailbroken iPhone frequently, then you’re unquestionably at home with the prompt that appears when it comes time to authenticate yourself with Face ID or Touch ID. While the native interface doesn’t necessarily look that bad, it’s somewhat unfortunate that Apple didn’t design it to be uniform with other interfaces that appear on the iOS platform, just like the AirPods pairing prompt as an example.

Those fascinated by a redesigned Apple Pay interface that has been heavily inspired by iOS’ native AirPods pairing interface are likely to understand the user experience that comes together with employing a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed AirPay by iOS developer Dylan West (@iOSthemem0d).

For those fascinated by quite just the still screenshot examples above, we’ve attached an animated GIF of the developer’s promo video from /r/jailbreak below:

What you get with AirPay could be a highly customizable interface that will be colorized however you wish. What’s more is you’ll pick between light or dark mode, reckoning on what you’re using on your handset at any given time. Users will find an avid preference pane within the Settings app after installation where they’ll configure the tweak to their liking:

Highlights of AirPay

Here, you can:

  • Toggle AirPay on or off on demand
  • Choose between light or dark mode
  • Configure color options for the AirPay interface
    • Toggle and configure a custom AirPay interface color
    • Toggle and configure a custom AirPay border-color
    • Toggle and configure a custom AirPay text color

The developer provides a Respring button at the highest right of the preference pane so you’ll save any changes you create. this can be especially important if you’re toggling the tweak on or off for any reason.

AirPay could be a gorgeously redesigned concept and consequence for augmenting the native Apple Pay interface on iPhones, and it appears to support jailbroken installations of both iOS 12 and iOS 13. Those fascinated by trying the tweak out should purchase it from the Twickd repository for $0.99 via their preferred package manager.

Will you be buying AirPay for your jailbroken iOS 13, or are you satisfied with the native Apple Pay interface? Discuss within the comments section below.

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