Personalize your App Switcher experience with Custom SW jailbreak iOS 13 devices

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Personalize your App Switcher experience with Custom the general public use their iPhone’s App Switcher as a method of quickly returning to a recently-used application, but this interface certainly leaves plenty to be desired, especially if you wish what you see on the iPad.
If you discover yourself during this situation plenty, then you may have an interest during a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Custom SW by iOS developer mustafa89. As shown within the screenshot examples above, Custom SW provides users with a plethora of the way to enhance the looks and value of the iPhone’s native App Switcher.
Whether you wish larger application preview cards or smaller ones displayed as a grid, Custom SW helps you to configure this and far more. Once installed, users will find an avid preference pane within the Settings app where they will configure Custom SW to their liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle normal application preview card size on or off on demand
  • Choose your preferred application preview card size
  • Enable Grid Style, Grid Style Small, or Grid Style Large App Switcher layouts
  • Enable Double grid style (iOS 12-only)
  • Hide or show the Status Bar within the App Switcher
  • Add animations when zooming in or out
  • Hide or show the appliance titles
  • Hide or show the icons and therefore the titles

Remove the native background blur from the App Switcher
Enable and configure a custom App Switcher background-color
The developer provides a Respring button at the underside of the preference pane where you’ll save any changes you create on-demand.
From what we will gather, Custom SW supports a variety of the way which will help users achieve a custom look and compassionate their App Switcher experience. The tweak is on the market for $0.99 from the Packix repository via your favorite package manager, and it supports to jailbreak iOS 13 devices.
Will you be installing Custom SW? allow us to know why or why not within the comments section below.

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