This tweak adds a customizable button to the Lock screen for unlocking your iPhone

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Jailbreakers who are in search of fun and unique ways to form their iPhone’s Lock screen experience stand aside from the gang will almost certainly want to test out a free jailbreak tweak called FingerLock by iOS developer MTAC.

This tweak puts an aesthetically-pleasing fingerprint-shaped software button on the Lock screen that you just can tap to unlock your device instead of pressing the house button or swiping informed the house Bar, as shown above. better of all, this snazzy button is fully-customizable.

FingerLock, which originally debuted last October, has been refreshed to version 2.0 in the week with support for all of Apple’s latest devices and iOS 13. As you may come to expect, the updated iteration incorporates enhancements over the previous release, including anesthetic facelift and new features.

Upon installing FingerLock, users will find a frenzied preference pane within the Settings app where they will configure the tweak to their liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle FingerLock on or off on demand
  • Hide or show the Lock screen button
  • Configure button positioning:

    • Adjust the Y-axis with a slider
    • Adjust the X-axis with a slider
  • Tint the button any color you’d like
  • Use a custom image for the button rather than the fingerprint glyph
  • Choose the kind of haptic feedback you’ll feel when tapping on the button:

    • Peek
    • Pop
    • Vibrate
    • None
  • Hide or show the Lock screen’s page dots
  • Hide or show the Lock screen’s unlock text

At the underside of the preference pane, users will find two buttons – one for resetting the choices to their defaults and therefore the other for respringing their device to use the changes they’ve made.

Whether you care about using the default means of unlocking or just like the idea of trying something different, FingerLock is obtainable as a free download from the Twickd repository via your preferred package manager. The tweak supports to jailbreak iOS 13 devices.

Do you like what FingerLock does for the iPhone’s native Lock screen experience? Discuss within the comments section below.

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