FloatyTab introduces a customizable floating Tab Bar to your iPhone

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As you employ apps on your iPhone, you’ll often notice a bar of tabs at the underside of your handset’s display. this is often generally mentioned because the Tab Bar, and it hosts shortcuts to different sections of whatever app you would possibly be using.

Those who’ve been using the iPhone for several years would be able to tell you that the Tab Bar hasn’t changed much since the initial version of iOS. For that reason, a newly released jailbreak tweak called FloatyTab by iOS developer Dylan West aims to bring changes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As you would possibly have noticed from the screenshot examples above, FloatyTab makes your Tab Bar float over the app’s interface as critical being cemented to the underside of your display. The floating interface works the identical way because the original Tab Bar would, but the interface may be a lot better looking and more customizable than the initial.

Right out of the box, FloatyTab enables you to choose from three distinct styles, including Floaty, Leaf, and Rounded. What’s more, is you’ll actually colorize the floating bar however you would like to create it as subtle or as discernible as you would like.

FloatyTab doesn’t support every application, but it currently supports the following:

App Store









iTunes Store










And more coming…

Once installed, you’ll find an obsessive preference pane within the Settings app where you’ll be able to configure FloatyTab however you want:

Here, you can:

Toggle FloatyTab on or off on demand

Choose between Floaty, Rounded, or Leaf appearance for the floating Tab Bar

Configure per-app settings including toggling the tweak on or off per app and colorizing the interface per app

A great deal of customization indeed, and there are plans to support more apps going forward because the tweak receives updates.

Those inquisitive about trying FloatyTab can buy it from the Twickd repository for $0.99 via their preferred package manager. The tweak currently supports all jailbroken iPhones running iOS 13 but isn’t yet compatible with the iPad.

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