How to jailbreak your iPhone

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Preparing to Jailbreak

The first thing you need to do is back up all your data, files, folders, … with iTunes. This helps you to store important data securely if something goes wrong during the jailbreaking process. Here are the steps to perform data backup:

  •  First, launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to PC or Mac. Remember to open the password before connecting. Click Trust for iOS 7 and above
  • In Backups, select This computer -> Back Up Now.

The time to back up iPhone data depends on the data you have saved, which takes place quickly or slowly.

How to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 11.2 - 11.3.1

After making sure your iPhone has been backed up data, you can proceed to jailbreak your iPhone.

Download Cydia here and Electra Impactor here, and save above to the folder on your computer.

Click Impactor.exe to run it. Do not click Run as Administrator.

Select Run if there is a confirmation message. When you connect your iPhone to your computer via USB, a confirmation message will appear, click Trust and click Continue if there is a notification from iTunes. Continue dragging the downloaded Electra file into the Cydia Impactor application.

Here you need to enter any 1 Apple ID. It does not affect anything, so be assured. Proceed to install Electra and the jailbroken Electra application will appear on your iPhone.

From the main screen in the Settings section of the device click on Siri & Search.

The next step is to turn off Listen for ‘Hey Siri, and Press Home to turn on Siri.

Go to Settings and select General -> Device Management and Click on Apple ID.

Click Trust “” and select Trust from the message that appears. Go to Control Center and select Airplane mode.

Turn off the device and reboot the device after a few seconds. Make sure your device has an Airplane mode set and run the Electra application from the screen. Click the Jailbreak button to start the jailbreak process. Turn off the option if you do not want to pre-install the included tweaks.

Your device will now reboot. When the boot is completed, go to the Electra app and click on Jailbreak again. Then there will be an APFS Snapshot created message. You just need to click Continue Jailbreak.

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