How to use the big-screen iPhone with one hand with OneHandWizard 2

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With this demand, the phones are increasingly being manufactured with larger sizes to satisfy the requirements of users. A large-screen phone makes it easier to look at videos, hear music or play games with a more realistic picture mode, but a phone with an outsized screen isn’t without it. his weakness. Its weakness is that it’s difficult for users to use it with one hand when the opposite hand is busy doing something else.

Apple tries to create everything on a big-screen handset more accessible with only one hand through the initial Accessibility feature called Accessibility, but using it is often bulky and have The trend of lack of functionality is important. For those that demand more from employing a smartphone with one hand, it’s hard to induce it wrong with an unlocking tweak called OneHandWizard 2 of iOS developer shared routine. This is a well-liked classic tweak called OneHandWizard, with the second version it gives you more experience of a jailbreak app. For those that do not know, OneHandWizard 2 effectively gives you easy accessibility to any or all the UI elements on your iPhone that may often be out of reach if you’re restricted to only one hand.
As described within the screenshot examples above, OneHandWizard 2 shrinks the interactive portion of your screen to a perfect, comfortable, accessible area for the typical finger length. thumb. If you’ve got thumbs longer or shorter than average, you’ll be able to drag the corner of the interface to resize it the way you would like.
Calling the OneHandWizard 2 interface is as simple as using iOS’ own Accessibility gesture. this suggests swiping down on the house Bar on iPhone X or later, or pressing the house button 3 times on devices that also have a physical Home button. Notably, the initial Visibility feature must be enabled for OneHandWizard 2 to figure properly. to shut the interface, one just must double-click outside the interactive interface.
Next to the OneHandWizard 2 interface are three buttons, including volume up and down, volume down and special menu buttons. once you press the menu button, buttons for the subsequent actions appear:
* Screen capture
* Device lock
* Control center open
* The notification center is open

OneHandWizard 2 doesn’t include any configuration options, which indicates its simple use. Those with smaller hands who are struggling to tame the big size of the iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max might want to harness the ability of this tweak to create it more one-handed friendly. Of course, the tweak also works with the smaller partners of those handsets.
OneHandWizard 2 is offered for $ 1.99 from the Packix repository via your preferred package manager and this version only works with jailbroken iOS 13 devices. Instead, people using anything ahead of iOS 13 should use root tweaks.

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