Jailbreak iOS 13 Checkra1n for Windows Ready for 2020

For those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the iOS 13.3 Checkra1n jailbreak utility for Windows, the year 2020 will take effect.

So what we’re talking about today is a tweet from the security research VP at Cellebrite, an Israeli company specializing in the production of data extraction, transfer, and analysis equipment for iOS and other devices. other mobile devices. He tweeted out the following quote:

“Red roses are blue roses early checkra1n on Windows with signed drivers, too”.

Now, like that poem, that’s great news for the jailbreak community; This is actually the best I’ve seen in a few weeks. I am for the one person I have been so passionate about, I hope you are too releasing Windows for the upcoming Checkra1n.

The tweet included with this screenshot is just a screenshot of the updated driver software that Cellebrite has developed for the DFU device.


So this is how they will actually provide Checkra1n exploit on DFU from Windows. And again, this is the Windows interface for installing the new driver software for devices.

This is a major problem for Checkra1n on Windows when developing the driver to successfully interface with iOS devices via DFU and once again deploying that exploit.

This tweet line was actually tweeted by security researcher @axiom ax, who you might remember is the genius security researcher behind Checkmate exploiting itself, which is the power of Checkra1n.

So, guys, we can get a literal release anytime.




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