Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone to iOS 13 Right Away

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Every year, Apple releases a brand-new version of iOS. Every iteration guarantees new options to form exploitation your iPhone that far better. This year, iOS 13 introduces over 200 new options and changes, as well as system-wide Dark Mode for the primary time on iPhone. That said, you may need to pump the brakes before dashing to transfer and install the new update at once.

If you discover the explanations on this list compelling enough to remain removed from iOS 13. However, you already downloaded and put in the new update, don’t fret. You’ll be able to merely downgrade back to iOS 12. Simply apprehend that you simply can lose any knowledge not insured prior to time, thus take that into thought before propulsion the plug.

1. White Loading Screens Clash with Dark Mode

The big story this year could be system-wide Dark Mode, however, your eyes still may not be totally protected. That is, as a result, you will still come upon loading screens white as a sheet. Throughout the day, it’s an associate aesthetic clash. At night? It is dazzling, particularly once you are accustomed to alternative areas of iOS sufficiently dim in Dark Mode.

Want to envision for yourself? Simply pop open Slack. The app itself works with Dark Mode, thus it’ll correspond along with your chosen iOS theme. However, its loading page is the same white canvas, whether you are victimization Dark Mode or not. We’ll see However, third-party apps adapt to the current issue over time.

2. Not All Apps Are on Board with Dark Mode

Speaking of that, you will not notice universal compliance simply however once it involves Dark Mode. You see, Apple currently lets third-party apps faucet into system-wide Dark Mode via its API. As in our example higher than, Slack can switch between lightweight and dark mode counting on this iOS system theme. It works nice, and additional and additional apps area unit adopting it.

But not all apps area unit onboard, however, resulting in lots of inconsistencies across your iPhone. You’ll jump from Messages to Twitter in good Dark Mode, on the other hand, open up a banking app that lights up the total space. Till we tend to see universal compliance throughout the App Store, iOS 13 is going to be a touch of a jumble once it involves system-wide Dark Mode.

3. Photos Deselect After Exiting the Share Sheet

In the past, you’ll choose a gaggle of images in Photos, share them via the Share sheet, then comes back to the most Photos page together with your photos still hand-picked. No more. In iOS 13, your photos can deselect once going the share menu, which might be annoying if you wish to maneuver or delete them right subsequently.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Update Your iPhone to iOS 13 Right Away
Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone to iOS 13 Right Away

That’s to not say all the changes in Photos square measure dangerous. faraway from it. In fact, the new Photos app is one in every of the most effective updates to iOS 13:

4. Photo Locations Don’t Appear at the Top of the Window

A minor bug, however irritating withal — after you open a photograph, you must see its location at the highest of the window. In iOS 13, you will simply see the date. This issue is fastened on my iPhone running 13. 1, thus expect a patch once Apple releases that version.

5. Moving Apps Can Be a Nightmare

We’ve seen reports that moving apps in iOS 13 is kind of buggy. If you run into problems Whereas organizing your home screen, it would not be utterly out of the blue — Apple additional a replacement “Rearrange Apps” choice once long-pressing on apps, thus maybe that choice messed with the system here.

6. 3D Touch Isn’t Quite the Same

While major school reviewers appear to entirely dismiss 3D bit, there is still a fervent fan base saddened by its removal from the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Whereas Apple did not deduct 3D bit practicality from compatible iPhones, you’ll notice a modification within the manner it works.

The new update adds 3D Touch’s long-press replacement to any or all iPhones, not simply ones while not 3D Touch. meaning you will be able to activate expanded choice menus either with a force bit or with a long-press. If you are attempting a force bit on your 3D Touch-enabled device, you may acknowledge the distinction right away. It simply does not feel an equivalent.

We’ll have to be compelled to get accustomed to a 3D Touch-less iOS expertise for some purpose. However right away, it’s still too contemporary.

7. The Mail App Is Still Buggy

Throughout beta testing, iOS 13 suffered from a range of bugs and problems. However, no app was additional (affected) then Mail. Beta testers complained about every update that Mail was unusable, with bug once bug turning the app into additional of a cuss than it ought to be.

Mail has greatly improved since then, however, it’s still buggy. If you deem Apple’s stock email shopper to visualize and send your digital messages, you would possibly need to carry out for a touch.

8. Replying in Mail Now Takes Two Taps

Here’s something annoying about iOS 13’s Mail that isn’t a bug — replying to an email requires two taps instead of one. See, when you tap the reply button, you open an expanded menu, including a reply type, the option to trash the email, and various other options. It’s a bizarre choice that gets frustrating fast if you reply to emails often. Even the reply shortcut when swiping on an email requires you to select a reply type.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Update Your iPhone to iOS 13 Right Away-1
Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone to iOS 13 Right Away

The only approach around this is often via a long-press on the e-mail from your inbox. You will be ready to the faucet, “Reply” from this menu, instead of open the other windows.

9. ‘Find My’ Doesn’t Have a Manual Refresh

In the past, you’ll manually refresh your friends’ locations in, “Find My” by knocking down on the show. That feature does not exist in iOS 13, instead of forcing you to admit to realize My to make a decision once to refresh. Luckily, the app refreshes pretty oft, however it is a shame we’ve lost manual management over the feature.

10. The App Store Is Very Glitchy

While Apple Arcade is probably going to be successful for Apple, players may well be off by associate degree App Store that is just about up-to-snuff. In my expertise, the App Store in iOS 13 is not very stable, perpetually manufacturing errors once sorting out titles. Hopefully this is often one thing Apple can fix on their finish, otherwise, we’ll watch for a stability patch.

11. Apple Hasn’t Released macOS Catalina Yet

Apple has tried to bridge the gap between iOS and macOS with this year’s spherical of updates. Whereas that property is usually welcome, it causes problems once the package is not free at an equivalent time.

If you update to iOS 13, you would possibly realize bound apps (especially Reminders and Notes) to relinquish your headaches on either your fresh updated iPhone or your Mac. Apple advises you to update all devices before victimization these apps, however, there are no thanks to doing this on Mac while not jumping on the beta.

12. There’s a New Update Right Around the Corner

If you are feeling softer jumping on software system trends when a stability update or 2, grasp that iOS 13 can presently get replaced by iOS 13.1. Originally scheduled for unharness on Sept. 30, Apple touched the discharge date up per week. On Sept. 24, you’ll need access to associate degree update that addresses iOS 13′s bugs and adds new options, like audio sharing for AirPods, ETA for Maps, and crosscut automation.

Feeling like this list is pretty short? There is a sensible reason for that. Apple’s latest iPhone update is {really|is truly} really cool. If any or all of those problems bug you, then, by all suggests that, wait to update. However, grasp that many new options, so much outweigh the range of cons this year.

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