This tweak prevents you from missing Apple Watch notifications when you’re heavily dressed

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One thing I like about having an Apple Watch is being tapped on the wrist when all my important notifications come through. But in certain situations, like when wearing a winter coat with long and heavy sleeves that cover your wrists, feeling those subtle taps are often nearly impossible.

Spearheading an answer to the current problem could be a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Winter Mode for Apple Watch by iOS developer Ayden Panhuyzen. Once installed, this tweak forces both your Apple Watch and iPhone to notify you about any incoming notifications simultaneously.

As you would possibly come to expect, Winter Mode for Apple Watch resolves the age-long problem of missing Apple Watch notifications by compelling you to seem at your iPhone even once you don’t feel the subtle taps on your wrist.

This was frankly a standard issue when your wrist is roofed with several layers of stay-warm clothing, but the problem may crop up when your mind is solely focused on one activity and you don’t notice that your Apple Watch is trying to notify you.

Upon installing Winter Mode for Apple Watch, you’ll find an avid toggle within the native Apple Watch application on your iPhone where you’ll enable or disable the tweak on-demand:

Winter Mode for Apple Watch looks as if an incredibly bright idea, and it’s unfortunate that something like this doesn’t exist already for the masses. Fortunately, those that are jailbroken can download it free from the Dynastic Repo repository via their preferred package manager.

Winter Mode for Apple Watch supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices and its ASCII text file is out there on the developer’s GitHub page for those curious about learning more about it.

Will you be installing Winter Mode for Apple Watch, or are you satisfied with the stock notification system? Discuss within the comments section below.

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