This add-on brings a Weather display to the BottomToolBar interface

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It was only last week that we showed you a neat and quirky extension for the BottomToolBar jailbreak tweak called Activity-BottomToolBar that, because the name implies, adds an Activity-based display to the BottomToolBar interface. But if you’re a BottomToolBar user who demands more from the parent tweak, then you only can be in luck.

Enter Weather-BottomToolBar, yet one more extension for the BottomToolBar tweak to be released by iOS developer XCCiao. And as you may have inferred already by the name and also the screenshot example above, this add-on integrates a Weather-centric display into the BottomToolBar interface.

The new Weather-BottomToolBar add-on displays pertinent information about the weather for your current location (as long as location services are enabled for your Weather app). You’ll also notice that its aesthetics are akin to what you’d expect from iOS’ native Weather app.

In addition to a dynamic background that behaves very similarly to the Weather app itself, the Weather-BottomToolBar interface displays the conditions outside, including your current city, the climatic conditions outside, the possibility of precipitation, and also the temperature together with the high and low for the whole day.

Evidently, Weather-BottomToolBar works alongside Activity-BottomToolBar. Both of the add-ons appear within the screenshot example, with the Weather widget residing above the Activity widget.

This is essentially the identical information you’d find on the Today page of your Home screen if you had those widgets enabled, but if you’d enjoy faster access to the present information from anywhere in iOS and you own BottomToolBar already, then Weather-BottomToolBar might be a pleasure thanks to achieve that.

Weather-BottomToolBar is obtainable as a free download from the Packix repository via your favorite package manager, although you need to already own the $1.50 BottomToolBar tweak from the Twickd repository to use it. better of all, the add-on is created by the identical developer who brought us the first tweak, so you’ll be able to expect optimal performance.

Will you be adding the Weather-BottomToolBar tweak to your jailbreak iOS 13 device? Discuss why or why not within the comments section below.

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